Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing


Meet Megan, a true animal lover with a heart full of passion for our furry friends. From a young age, Megan knew that her destiny was intertwined with the welfare and health of these beautiful beings. Her journey began at Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo, where she had the incredible opportunity to work alongside otters, elephants, and tigers. It was here that Megan’s love for animals deepened, and she realised that she wanted to play a more active role in their care.

Originally from Orange, New South Wales; Megan embarked on her veterinary nursing studies in 2019. She has embraced her role with unwavering dedication and a genuine love for her patients. In Orange, Megan found herself working at a bustling animal practice that catered to both small and large animals, even in emergencies. In 2020, Megan moved to the Sunny Coast to enjoy a relaxed life whilst she continued her studies for both psychology and further veterinary related studies.

Patient care is Megan’s top priority, and she goes above and beyond to ensure that your furry friends are calm and content. With a silly number of cuddles and a gentle touch, Megan aims at attaining a soothing environment for her patients. Megan understands the importance of building a connection with the clients as well. She takes the time to talk to them, getting to know them on a personal level and easing their worries.

As Megan continues her journey, she is constantly amazed by the advancements in veterinary medicine and the expertise of the veterinarians she works alongside. Inspired by their dedication and knowledge, Megan now aspires to become a veterinarian herself, ready to make a lasting impact on the lives of animals and their human companions.

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